The world’s first 360º speed & agility training system that allows athletes to train how they play with resistance bands delivering a TRUE 360º experience

A True 360º Resistance Training System

FLO UNLEASHED is an innovative speed & agility resistance training system delivering a true 360° experience for athletes that is functional & seamless compared to traditional solutions on the market.
Full Range of Resistance In contrast to conventional resistance training techniques, the 360º design of FLO UNLEASHED offers resistance across all planes of movement, enabling athletes to better simulate real-life scenarios in their respective sports.
By incorporating directional pivoting while maintaining resistance intensity, athletes can replicate the precise movement patterns and muscle engagement relevant to their sport. This tailored approach enhances functional strength and directly contributes to improved performance.
Thanks to the multidirectional resistance offered by the FLO UNLEASHED 360° training system, it stimulates the muscles responsible for stabilization and balance. This, in turn, enhances core strength and overall body control, resulting in improved athletic performance.
The range of resistance bands available through FLO UNLEASHED allows for controlled and gradual loading, making them valuable for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Athletes can focus on strengthening weaker muscle groups, addressing muscle imbalances, and enhancing joint stability to reduce the likelihood of injuries.
With our patented 360° resistance training system, you get a lightweight and easily transportable solution that can be utilized in diverse training environments, whether it’s at the gym, on the field, or in the comfort of your home. Athletes have the flexibility to integrate it into their current training regimens or craft customized workouts tailored to its capabilities.
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In Pursuit of Sports Innovation

FLO Unleashed 360° training system encircles the athlete’s waist, providing resistance from all directions. It consists of a comfortable and adjustable harness with an attachment point for our customary resistance bands. These bands can be connected to stationary objects, training partners, or anchored to fixed points, allowing for multidirectional resistance throughout various exercises and movements.


Our selection of resistance bands were carefully chosen based on their robustness, flexibility, and longevity. These bands have undergone rigorous outdoor testing and have proven their durability.


A highly resilient material capable of enduring forces exceeding 500 pounds of pulling force, UV resistant, and capable of withstanding both human and natural forces.


The swiveling sled attached to the belt is crafted from solid steel, enhancing the longevity and durability of FLO UNLEASHED, ensuring a consistently smooth rotation.


Our pads are made from closed-cell memory foam, guaranteeing resistance to sweat and UV rays, enabling them to be comfortably placed against the skin without causing irritation.


Our integrated sensor is set to deliver invaluable data insights to athletes, trainers, and coaches by capturing a wide range of metrics pertaining to an athlete's performance and movement patterns. This data will be instrumental in making high-level decisions. The sensors are scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2025.

Unleash Your Mobility

FLO UNLEASHED is an innovative speed & agility resistance training system that offers athletes a true 360° experience that is seamless compared to traditional solutions. FLO Unleashed is designed to move with you and keep up no matter the training regiment.







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FLO Technology Inc. is on a mission to empower athletes of all levels to unlock their full potential and achieve greatness in their chosen sports. Through an innovative design, we have developed the first-ever 360º training system that enables athletes to train how they play, allowing them to FLO Unleashed.

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